Keynote Presentations:

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Fischer, G. (2004): “From ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone’ to ‘The Right Information at the Right Time, in the Right Place, in the Right Way to the Right Person’” — International Workshop Series on RFID: Information Sharing and Privacy, Tokyo, November 2004. []

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Fischer, G. (2003): Working and Learning when the Answer is not Known” – European Conference on CSCW, Helsinki, September, 2003 []

Fischer, G. (2003): Design, Design Communities, and Knowledge Management: Why Learning from the Past is not Enough” — IKNOW’03, Graz, July, 2003 []

Fischer, G. (2002): “Teachers as Scholars” — February, 2002 []

Fischer, G. (2001): Communities of Interest (CoIs): Learning through the Interaction of Multiple Knowledge Systems “IRIS (24th annual Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia), Ulvik, Hardanger Fjord, Norway, August 11-14, 2001 []

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Fischer, G. (1999): User Modeling: The Long and Winding Road— Seventh International Conference on User Modeling []