Living Organizational Memory
in support of social creativity
The livingOM is a shared information space that supports creative work within a community of users. It is living in the sense that it grows and improves as it is used to do work and solve problems. The livingOM supports social creativity by making people aware of relations between their work and the work of peers (past and present). The livingOM reflects meta-design by enabling power users to create new ways of structuring, navigating and displaying their information.
Research Issues
How can rethink group homepages as living organizational memories?
How can we give user communities more control over their tools and information resources?
Resource space
The livingOM manages fine-grained information objects, called resources, which are inked together by relations. This architecture enables richly linked and flexible structures that can be extended by users and modified by power users.
Relations connect Resource objects
Process Model
The livingOM is seeded by system developers and users, evolved by a community of users, and periodically reseeded to maintain sustainability and usability.
Related Projects
LomScope / lomMirror (Tomohiro) – prototypes investigating innovative link augmentation techniques
Open Resource Environments (Taro) – PhD work exploring resource utilization
Emerging Findings
Technologies aiming to support social creativity must also provide support for individual creativity.