Workshops and Symposia

Invited Presidential Address at the 2011 AERA Annual Meeting:
“Design Research Exploring Transformative Frameworks for
Learning and Education”

Symposium at the CSCL 2009 Conference: “Long-Tail Learning: A
Unique Opportunity for CSCL?”

Meta-Design Symposium, August 21, 2006, Boulder, Colorado.

Symposium at the 2006 AERA Annual Meeting: “Integrating
Self-Directed Learning and Intelligent Tutoring: A Research
Agenda for Educational Reform”

Workshop “Creativity Support Tools”, Sponsored by the
National Science Foundation, June 13-14, 2005, Washington, DC

International Symposium “Social Creativity”, June 5 –
June 9, 2002 , Breckenridge, Colorado

International Symposium “Social Creativity and
, May 7 – May 10, 2001 Aspen, Colorado