Meeting 12/14/2011: Jane Meyers, Department of Computer Science, CtG, L3D — Evolution of Craftopolis in Practice

For over a year and a half Craftopolis has been deployed as an activity in a local elementary school’s after school program. Throughout this time, Craftopolis, a construction kit for creating craft based interactive worlds, has evolved through feedback and suggestions from both students and undergraduate mentors from the University of Colorado. During this presentation I will briefly introduce the Craftopolis framework and discuss the successes, failures, and modifications made to the Craftopolis system during this time.

Jane Meyers is a 5th year PhD student working in the Craft Technology Group. Her research interests include educational technology, the blending of interactive technologies and crafts, and researching methods for sharing and exploring tangible creations using Web 2.0 networks for tinkerers of every age.