Previous Meetings

This post houses links to the slides of meetings that do not have their own blog posts.  If you’ve given a talk and you don’t see yours listed and would like it to be, please send us an email with the slides from your presentation.

March 16 – Dara Cunningham: NREL’s OpenEI Site: Motivating Contributors
March 9 – Karen Erhardt-Martinez: Advanced Metering Initiatives and Residential Feedback Programs: Insights from a Meta-Review


April 22 – Gerhard Fischer: Meta-design and Underdesign
April 8 – J.C. Chun: A Vision-Based Approach for Facial Expression Cloning by Facial Motion Tracking
March 18 – Rob Guralnick: Caught Between Worlds: My Life as a digital (and not so digital) Curator
February 11 – Revi Sterling: Digital Divide/Digital Inclusion: Gender, Technology, and Development
January 21 – Gerhard Fischer: Is Google Making Us Stupid?